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Any stats that are listed as rData means relative Data. These are stats that are relative to the field for an event. For example, take Player A and Player B. They both played in two different events and had Driving Accuracy of 60%. So they're the same, correct? Not necessarily. If the average driving accuracy for the event Player A competed in was 55% and the average driving accuracy for the event Player B competed in was 65% then Player A outperformed the field and Player B underperformed. Their rData for Driving Accuracy would be 5% and -5%, respectively. This means that Player A has hit 5% more greens than the field and Player B has hit 5% less.

Simply put, when the rData for any player is 0 for any stat it means they are performing average in that stat against the fields they have played against. Be sure to consider the stat type. In the above example, a positive % for driving accuracy is a good thing. However, for a statistic like proximity, a negative number (such as -3.4) would be better because it means the player is hitting their approach shots 3.4 feet closer to the hole than average.

We feel that this is the most important way to look at individual statistics as different courses and fields provide different challenges and skillsets.

*Note: You’ll notice there is no rData for Strokes Gained data. This is because Strokes Gained is already calculated against the field.

What is your proprietary stat "xBoB"?

We get this question all the time and while it is somewhat self-explanatory, it certainly contains quite a bit of data and advanced modeling. We use the xBoB in both our model and our betting picks and if you ask any of our users you’ll hear we’ve had tremendous returns (2023 season showed an ROI of 207%, almost tripling the initial investment if you followed our system each week.

Here is what we can say about the stat: It is a complex calculation that allows us to see if a player is truly giving themselves a chance to perform well. It removes the stats that have significant variance and enables us to say “This player may not be showing great results recently but he’s playing even better than the Strokes Gained stats dictate and this could be tremendous value spot”. I know many people have tried backing into our xBoB, and while getting reasonably close, they have been extremely unsuccessful at dialing in specific patterns we have found in lead-in form over the years. We can confidently say that our weekly picks (betting and DFS) come from primarily analyzing the trends of this stat. More to come!

 SG-T2G - Strokes Gained Tee to Green

 SG-Putting - Strokes Gained Putting

 SG-OTT - Strokes Gained Off The Tee

 SG-APP - Strokes Gainned Appproach

 SG-ARG - Strokes Gained Around The Green

 SG-Total - Strokes Gained Total

 SG-BS - Strokes Gained Ball-Striking (OTT + APP)

Not yet, but we recommend 3 Optimizers, no particular preference besides your price sensitivity and if you are interested in other sports. RotoGrinders, SaberSim, Solver, FantasyCruncher.

Yes! All of our projections and ownership are the result of our simulations on millions of records of data from historical ownership, odds, field strength, form, course history and DFS Pricing.

Stat / Abbreviation Description
3 Putt Avoid 3 Putts Avoided relative to the field
Birdies Birdies Gained
BoB Gained Birdies or Better Gained
Bogey Avoid Bogeys Avoided relative to the Field
DK Pts Draft Kings (Classic) Points Gained on the field (excludes finish position bonus)
Double Avoid Double Bogeys Avoided relative to the Field
Dr Dist Driving Distance Gained
Dr Left Avoid Drives Missed Left of the Fairway avoided
Dr Right Avoid Drives Missed Right of the Fairway avoided
Eagles Eagles Gained
Fwys Gained Fairways Gained
GIRs Gained Greens in Regulation Gained
Good Drives Good Drives Gained (Good Drives are drives where the player either hits the fairway off the tee OR the player misses the fairway but still hits the green or fringe in regulation.)
Opps Gained Scoring Opportunities Gained - Birdie opportunities inside 15 ft from green or fringe PLUS Greens/Fringe Under Regulation. (Note: A green or fringe under regulation within 15 feet counts as 2 opportunities)
P: 0-5ft Putts Gained from 0-5ft
P: 10-15ft Putts Gained from 10-15ft
P: 15-20ft Putts Gained from 15-20ft
P: 20-25ft Putts Gained from 20-25ft
P: 25ft+ Putts Gained from 25ft+
P: 5-10ft Putts Gained from 5-10ft
P3: 0-150 Strokes Gained on 0-150 yard Par 3s
P3: 150-175 Strokes Gained on 150-175 yard Par 3s
P3: 175-200 Strokes Gained on 175-200 yard Par 3s
P3: 200-225 Strokes Gained on 200-225 yard Par 3s
P3: 225+ Strokes Gained on 225+ yard Par 3s
P4: 0-350 Strokes Gained on 0-350 yard Par 4s
P4: 350-400 Strokes Gained on 350-400 yard Par 4s
P4: 400-450 Strokes Gained on 400-450 yard Par 4s
P4: 450-500 Strokes Gained on 450-500 yard Par 4s
P4: 500+ Strokes Gained on 500+ yard Par 4s
P5: 0-500 Strokes Gained on 0-500 yard Par 5s
P5: 500-550 Strokes Gained on 500-550 yard Par 5s
P5: 550-600 Strokes Gained on 550-600 yard Par 5s
P5: 600-650 Strokes Gained on 600-650 yard Par 5s
P5: 650+ Strokes Gained on 650+ yard Par 5s
Pars Pars Gained
Prox Total Proximity Feet Gained
Prox: 100-125 Proximity Ft Gained on approaches from 100-125 yards
Prox: 125-150 Proximity Ft Gained on approaches from 125-150 yards
Prox: 150-175 Proximity Ft Gained on approaches from 150-175 yards
Prox: 175-200 Proximity Ft Gained on approaches from 175-200 yards
Prox: 200+ Proximity Ft Gained on approaches from 200+ yards
Prox: 75-100 Proximity Ft Gained on approaches from 75-100 yards
Sand Saves Sand Saves Gained
Scrambling Scrambling Gained
SG: APP Strokes Gained Approach
SG: ARG Strokes Gained Around the Green
SG: BS Strokes Gained Ball Striking (SG:OTT + SG:APP)
SG: OTT Strokes Gained Off the Tee
SG: P Strokes Gained Putting
SG: Par 3 Strokes Gained on Par 3s
SG: Par 4 Strokes Gained on Par 4s
SG: Par 5 Strokes Gained on Par 5s
SG: SG Strokes Gained Short Game (SG:ARG + SG:P)
SG: T2G Strokes Gained Tee to Green
SG: Tot Total Strokes Gained